Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam

Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam

Survey Bypasser

Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam


AHCTeam Survey Bypasser:

This software was released in late 2012 by an private hacking and cracking forum admins for the first time. They made a four people group and started calling themselves AHCTeam.  At the time AHCTeam released their first public version of the software. For the last year software was gone and the website was shutted down. Who knows what happened, anyway they are back again and they want to welcome year 2016 with new massive feature which allows people to earn money by completing their own surveys. Looks like they really hate CPA networks. Crazy Russians…

Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam Features:

Most useful feature of Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam would be ability to bypass single survey by just typing survey link and clicking big and shiny download button. However this survey bypasser is a real beast and has more powerful features. With this powerful survey bypasser you can bypass multiple surveys by importing your huge list from text file also you can unlock any page where the content of page is locked with surveys frames. All you have to do is simply paste whole link of website to program and tick “unlock locked web gateway” function. This sofware will remove all the surveys from the page and you will be able to preview unlocked content in software implemented web browser.

Additional features is advanced proxies, browser spoofing and refferers faking functions which allows you to bypass surveys and stay safe.

There is one advanced and a little surprising function which is included in only PRO version of the software which allows software users complete their own surveys in order to make money online by completing their own surveys and getting credited by surveys networks. Anyway at the moment we are writing this post, we cant see any way to purchase or download PRO version. Official AHCTeam Survey Bypasser website states they are going to release PRO version anytime soon so we have to stay patient.

Some screenshots from official site:

Survey bypasser

Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam –  Screenshot 1


Survey bypasser

Survey Bypasser by AHCTeam – Screenshot 2

How to download?

Just guide to official site: and click a download button!




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